ADA Barcelona Architecture brings together the main values of Spanish contemporary architecture and the intense design culture of Barcelona, to offer a service based on innovation, expertise and excellence, specially focused on the design of commercial buildings such as office and highrise buildings, public facilities and hotels and services apartments.

ADA Barcelona Architecture is an association of three of the most prestigious architecture firms in Barcelona: OAB, EQUIP and b720. The association is led by three partners: Carlos Ferrater, one of the most renowned architects of Spain and Xavier Claramunt and Fermín Vazquez, two of the most talented and creative architects of the new Spanish Architecture.


Barcelona is internationally well-known as one of the top world design capitals. Its traditional ties to design and architecture and an excellent pool of schools, professionals and foundations, conducted to promote design as a key factor for innovation, have bolstered its reputation on an international stage.

The city is also one of the driving forces on promoting Spanish contemporary architecture, famous for its high degree of creativity, innovation and quality.

ADA was created in 2006 to promote Barcelona’s design culture and internationalize our services by exploring new markets beyond Europe such as Latin America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Currently we have offices in Barcelona, Mexico DF, Abu Dhabi and Hangzhou.

ADA employs a staff of over 150 professionals from different nationalities and areas of expertise such as architecture, engineering, management, graphic, industrial design and research.

Our headquarters is based at the Palo Alto Center, an old factory reconverted by the Palo Alto Foundation in one of the most productive design hubs in Barcelona, with nineteen creative studios settled.


Our structure is divided in three departments specialized in Research and Innovation, Architecture Practice and Engineering:

ADA lab is a laboratory specialized in Research and Innovation and operates in boundaries beyond the traditional architecture practice.

ADA agency is our architectural design department.

ADA engineering operates as ADA’s structures and building systems consultant since the beginning of the design process, to avoid further problems and to integrate the structural and energetic systems as a part of our designs.

Amongst the most renowned projects carried out by the laboratory there is the Space Resort requested by Galactic Suite Ltd., a pioneering private space tourism company committed to build the world’s first space resort in orbit in 2012. Besides the space resort, the project includes the design of all the earth-based facilities such as the space port and the Island resort for the astronaut-training of the guests.

ADA’s member’s recently completed projects include the Mediapro Building at the Audiovisual campus and the City of Justice in Barcelona, or the Hospes Palma Hotel in Palma de Mallorca. In 2008 Fermin Vazquez won the international competition for the development of the Mahua Harbour in Porto Alegre, Brasil.


Along years of professional career, ADA’s members have built their expertise working in a wide range of projects, from the smallest scale design, such as the cutlery FACES for Ferran Adrià, chef of el Bulli, at top of the European Restaurants Ranking, designed by Xavier Claramunt, until the large scale of urban projects like the three blocks in Poble Nou, in Barcelona, or the Olympic Villa at la Vall d’Hebron also in Barcelona, designed by Carlos Ferrater in 1991.

The former experience of our member firms added to the particularities of the new markets to explore, moves ADA agency to specialize our work in three different lines:

ADA Landmark, focused in the design of highrise and office buildings.

ADA Public, specialized in public facilities.

ADA Hotel, specialized in the design of hotels.


Under this organization ADA operates following always our main values: Innovation, Expertise and Excellence.

We believe innovation adds values to our clients’ business image. Our work avoids any predetermined style and it’s based on exploring new ways and systems to integrate context, functionality and client needs in an architectural idea.
The unique character of a particular site and program determines the design process and the new specific work systems are used to generate the final architectural shape.

Innovation needs our expertise in transforming architectural ideas into professional construction documents, to guarantee the final quality of our products within a strict control over the budget and deadlines.

Excellence is the final result of the combination between innovation and expertise.