Xavier Claramunt graduated from the Technical University of Catalonia – BARCELONA TECH in 1993.

He founded ADD+Architecture together with Manel Bailo and Rosa Rull in 1990.
After over sixteen years of productive collaboration the company split in two different offices and, as a result, EQUIP was founded in 2006.

Xavier Claramunt mainly focuses on consumer culture, economic dynamics and people’s needs in order to work towards a radical change in the role of the architect in Spain. He is a designer of buildings as well as a designer of experiences.
He has successfully entered the realm of hotel design, focusing on the experience to be enjoyed by the guest. As a visionary strategist, he is managing a project which seeks to put a space hotel into orbit.
Construction has also been started on a large building from a forthcoming catalogue of pret-a-porter architecture, with several more designs about to be added to the list.

Xavier Claramunt was awarded the contract world award 2007 for his hotel Chic&Basic Born. His work is constantly featured in Spanish and international media. Xavier Claramunt was a professor of Industrial Design at the Rubi Industrial Design School in Barcelona for five years. A frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences across the Iberian Peninsula, he has also been invited to the Seoul Digital Forum 2008 to talk about the privatization of Space Exploration.